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Welcome to the Mystery Machine


The mystery machine is an application for writing freeform games.

In particular in is a database ,targeted at building highly intricate and linked documents. These documents are expected to be in a natural language . The system has to merge paragraphs from different sources. This paragraphs can contain embedded references and conditionals based on other parts of the system.

Each System (eg, complete game or other project) developed in Mystery Machine is created from a collection of Objects .

See ObjectModel for more information.

Current Status

Mystery Machine is currently in alpha. Basic code exist to support the data schema and to create docutils doctrees from which final documents can be output using the standard docutils api.

The plugin system is currently flawed due to problem with Yapsy on which it is based. This is the next big milestone to replace.

Although MysteryMachine support Plugable api's (or main()'s ) , currently the only exuant API is a bpython shell which provide you with direct access the the MysteryMachine API Calls.


I maintain two mercurial repositories for the mercurial source tree and attempt to keep the broadly in sync. From either of these you can download the MysteryMachine source tree.


Alternatively you can download either the Zip or tarball distribution files.